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Rubber Belt Repair Press with Cross Beam
Rubber Belt Repair Press with Cross BeamRubber belt repair vulcanizer manufacturer, DLBRV-I type conveyor belt repair vulcanizer, spot belt repair vulcanizer machine, best-selling China rubber & steel-cord belt repair presses for conveyor belt small patches.

Rubber belt repair vulcanizer manufacturer, DLBRV-I type conveyor belt repair vulcanizer, spot belt repair vulcanizer machine, best-selling China rubber & steel-cord belt repair presses for conveyor belt small patches.


DLBRV-I cross beam spot repair vulcanizer mainly used to repair the small patches of conveyor belts & the belt core layers damaged caused by belt piercing. Namely, to repair the the spot, points defects.

Features of Rubber belt repair press

DLBRV-I rubber belt repair press featuring that: simple structure, light weight, easy operation, and it can use the Conveyor belt vulcanizer’s cross beam for the purpose of minimizing the equipment purchase costs, the operation methods is same as the Conveyor belt vulcanizer.

The main features of the conveyor belt repair vulcanizer are small size, light weight and easy handling. The heating plates are all electric (chip heating elements with safe and reliable insulation), uniform temperature, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency. The electric control box is automatically controlled, sensitive, convenient and reliable. The pressure device is characterized by plate type, water pressure, large pressure and uniformity, etc. It is a relatively advanced conveyor belt repairing equipment at home and abroad. It can be used for the maintenance and repair of damaged fabrics of canvas, nylon core and steel cord; it can also be repaired for special conveyor belts such as heat and corrosion resistance belts. It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, power generation, docks and other enterprises, as well as in applications where there is no explosive gas in the surrounding environment and harmful gases that are corrosive to metals.


1. Aluminum Alloy material structure, light weight machine body

2. Easy to install, machine structure is simple

3. Easy to operate, adopt automatic control box

4. Uniform heating, with the aluminum alloy heating plate

5. Uniform water pressure system, with aluminum alloy material water hydraulic plate

Structure of Cross beam spot repair vulcanizer press


1. Nut

2. Cushion

3. Pull-cord bar

4. Frame

5. Heat insulation plate

6. Upper heating plate

7. Lower heating plate

8. Water hydraulic plate

Technical info:

1. Heating plate size: 350*350 mm;

2. Max. Repair size: 250*250 mm;

3. Working pressure: 0.5--1.0 MPa;

4. Rated power: 2.0 KW;

5. Heating up time< 30 minutes;

6. Timer adjust range: 0-99 minutes;

7. Temperature adjust range: 0-200 ;

8. Voltage: 220-660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases;

9. Repair belt width: 650 mm--2200 mm.

Product range:

If belt width>1400 mm, please choose Cross Beam Spot Repair Vulcanizer.



Cross beam spot belt repair vulcanizer

Type of conveyor belt

Canvas, nylon and steel cord belt

Width range(mm)


Maximum size for belt repairing(mm)


Heating plate size(mm)


Vulcanizing temperature 145℃

Adjustable 0—200℃

Total power(Kw)



220-660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases

Temperature difference of vulcanized heating plates


Vulcanization pressure(Mpa)


Warm up time(min)



1.Please move the repair machine to the repair location.

2.Please fill the raw rubber to the broken part. (The filling raw rubber part in the vulcanization technique can be taken as reference, or our technical workers demonstrate it as adjusting.)

3.Please put the down machine frame rightly aiming at the broken part, meanwhile, put the hydraulic pressure plate and the lower heating plate under the broken part.

4.Please put the upper heating plate on the broken part, and lay up the heat insulation plate, and then install the machine frame.

5. Install the screw and screw down.

6. Please connect power with electrical control box by primary cable, and separately connect upper heating plate with electrical control box, and the lower heating plate with electrical control box by secondary cable, meanwhile, please separately connect upper heating plate and electrical control box, lower heating plate and electrical control box with temperature-measure components.

7.Please pay attention to the corresponding electrical control box as connection. Please connect hydraulic plate and pressure-test pump with high pressure tube, and then start the electrical control box, meanwhile, and affuse water to the condition of vulcanizing pressure.

Simple, light weight, easy to operate, and can be used to reduce the cost of equipment purchase by using the cross beams of the vulcanizer. The operation method is the same as that of the conveyor belt vulcanizer.

Maintenance of Vulcanizer

Before operating the vulcanizer, the insulation resistance of heating plates should be checked. If it is too low, the heating plates should be dried by energized until the insulation value is up 50mΩ to meet the operation requirement.

During the operation or transportation, the equipments should be handled lightly.

If carry the field operation task, the waterproof methods should be prepared in advance to avoid the equipments being spoiled.

After usage of the vulcanizer, it should be kept in the storehouse under the condition of less than 85% of relative humidity, and keep air circulation to avoid the erosion by rain or snow. Put the sleepers under the vulcanizer to avoid laying it on the ground directly, which is forbidden.

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