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Hot Splicing Conveyor Belt
Hot Splicing Conveyor Belt​Hot splicing conveyor belt vulcanizer, a tool for splicing and repairing various conveyor belts, widely used in cement, port, steel mill, chemical, power plant, etc.

Hot splicing conveyor belt vulcanizer, a tool for splicing and repairing various conveyor belts, widely used in cement, port, steel mill, chemical, power plant, etc.

Arphu, as a specialist of conveyor belt maintenance, design and produce hot splicing conveyor belt vulcanizer.


Hot splicing is regularly performed at the site, the two ends of the belt are connected by vulcanization at the time of installation. This procedure needs the time, temperature, pressure to bond the two ends together. Once the materials have cooled down, a smooth and seamless strong splice is the result.

We provide portable vulcanizing press for hot splicing. In short, we make every effort to make your splice joints as strong and as durable as possible. This is a regular part of our service!

DLCBV series Hot splicing conveyor belt machine

The electric Hot splicing conveyor belt machine is a special type of vulcanizing equipment for  splicing & repairing the EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, conveyor belt and Steel cord belt, etc.

The main components of the equipment are made of high-strength aluminum alloy 5052R steel structure, which has small volume, light weight and convenient assembly and disassembly. The electric control box is manually and automatically integrated, and the pressure device is a plate type pneumatic structure.

Structure and working principle

The main parts of DLCBV conveyor belt vulcanizer are made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The upper and lower heating plates, heat insulation plates, water hydraulic plates, cross beams, fastening bolts & nuts are used to manufacture the structure. The water hydraulic plate is pressurized by the water pump to ensure the vulcanization process.

Vulcanization pressure (0-2mpa) vulcanization temperature (ambient temperature 0 degrees Celsius - 200 degrees Celsius) is carried out through the electric control box, automatic or manual control, the vulcanization time is arbitrarily set, and the alarm signal is sent when the predetermined time is reached. The belt vulcanization joint is completed. Check the insulation resistance of the heating plate before use. If it is too low, it should be energized and dried before use.

Technical parameter

1. Vulcanization pressure: 1.0-2.0 MPa;

2. Vulcanization temperature: 145°C;

3. Difference in surface temperature of vulcanized plate: ± 5°C;

4. Heating up time ( at normal temperature to 145°C )<30 minutes;

5. Voltage: 220V/ 380V/415V/440V/480V/550V/660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases;

6. Temperature adjustment range: 0 to 199°C;

7. Timer adjustment range: 0 to 99 minutes.



The vulcanizers are widely used in vulcanizing and belt joint of canvas, nylon, steel cord, conveyer belt at spot in metallurgy, mining, power plants, ports, building materials, chemical industry, etc, where are without sufficient explosive gases and the harmful gases which can corrupt metal. It can also be applied to the vulcanizing joints of belts of features, such as anti-corrosion, thermal-protection, etc.

Maintenance of Vulcanizer

Before operating the vulcanizer, the insulation resistance of heating plates should be checked. If it is too low, the heating plates should be dried by energized until the insulation value is up 50mΩ to meet the operation requirement.

During the operation or transportation, the equipments should be handled lightly.

If carry the field operation task, the waterproof methods should be prepared in advance to avoid the equipments being spoiled.

After usage of the vulcanizer, it should be kept in the storehouse under the condition of less than 85% of relative humidity, and keep air circulation to avoid the erosion by rain or snow. Put the sleepers under the vulcanizer to avoid laying it on the ground directly, which is forbidden.

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