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Fast Operation Conveyor Belt Press
Fast Operation Conveyor Belt Press​Fabric ply & steel cord conveyor belts can be vulcanized by conveyor belt press. The conveyor belt press is also called hot splicing press. The vulcanization method is also called hot splicing method.

Fabric ply & steel cord conveyor belts can be vulcanized by conveyor belt press. The conveyor belt press is also called hot splicing press. The vulcanization method is also called hot splicing method.

The hot vulcanization method can make the tensile strength of the conveyor belt joints reach 85% to 90% of the original belts.


The hot vulcanization method is to peel the canvas layer and the rubber layer from a part of the conveyor belts joint into a symmetrical step according to a certain form and angle, apply the vulcanization cement to bond it, and then pass the vulcanization reaction under a certain pressure, temperature and time condition, the raw rubber is turned into vulcanized rubber, and the joint portion is glued together to obtain a higher adhesive strength. This welding method breaks the traditional cold vulcanization method, which not only has good joint quality, flat and smooth, but also can make the tensile strength of the belt joint reach 85 % to 90 % of the original conveyor belts.

DLCBV series belt vulcanizing machine, small size, light weight, ordinary three-phase power supply, uniform temperature of heat plate, water pressure system supply (1.0 ~ 2.0mpa) uniform pressure. It is equipped with light automatic electronic control box, which is connected with mainframe by integrative plug-in and muti-core cable. It’s reliable and convenient to operate.

It has the characteristics of fast heating, uniform temperature, short vulcanization time and high bonding strength. The quality of the belt joints directly affects the working efficiency and service life of the conveyor belts. Especially the long-distance and high-strength conveyor belts are more important. Therefore, the DLCBV type electric belt vulcanizing machine is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the conveyor industry.

General details:

The rubber belt conveyor is a transportation equipment widely used by factories and mines such as metallurgy, mines, power, building materials, etc.

Among them, the quality of the new belt or the old belt repair joint of the belt will directly affect the economic operation and service life of the belt conveyor.

Electric type conveyor belt press ( short for vulcanizer) adopts direct heating, high heat efficiency, light weight, easy automatic control, and the quality of spliced joints are high.

The main frame of the conveyor belt vulcanizing press is made of aluminum alloy with high tensile strength.

The key electrical components are imported from Japan Panasonic, German Siemens & Schneider to ensure that the machine can work reliably and stably.

Heating plate is made by aluminum alloy, with light in weight and good thermal conductivity, it can enhance the  temperature uniformity of heating plate.

Features of conveyor splicing tools:

1. Heating Plate: lightweight, portable, pressure and temperature uniformity;

2. Water Plate: high pressure can reach Max. 2.0 MPa (20 bars or 290 psi);

3. Cross Beam: lightweight & high tensile aluminum alloy.

Technical data:

1. Vulcanization pressure: 1.0-2.0 MPa;

2. Vulcanization temperature: 145°C;

3. Difference in surface temperature of vulcanized plate: ± 5°C;

4. Heating up time ( at normal temperature to 145°C )<30 minutes;

5. Voltage: 220V/ 380V/415V/440V/480V/550V/660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases;

6. Temperature adjustment range: 0 to 199°C;

7. Timer adjustment range: 0 to 99 minutes.


The Arphu brand conveyor belt press (vulcanizer), it is an ideal belt vulcanizing device in conveyor industry.


Packaging Details: Seaworthy Wooden cases or as per client’s request

Port: Shanghai

Lead Time: 15-20 days

Our customer:

BHP, Lafarge cement, Fatima group, Innovators Conveyor belt Spa,Ngan Loi Company etc.

After sale service

We will test our products well before exporting.

If there is nature fault of our products in One year, we will take the responsibility to change or repair new poducts for you.

Beyond one year, we will supply accessories (parts of vulcanizer) for our clients, and only charge the accessories fee.

If the shortages are not caused by man-made factors or faulty operation, etc, we take the responsibilities for our products within one year.

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