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Durable Belt Splicing Machine
Durable Belt Splicing Machine24 hours customer's service system
100% brand new
Portable conveyor belt splicing machine
Easy to set-up, easy to operate, good splicing effect

24 hours customer's service system

100% brand new

Portable conveyor belt splicing machine

Easy to set-up, easy to operate, good splicing effect


The belt splicing machine is widely used and can be applied to the transportation joints of metallurgical, chemical, metal mines, power plants, ports, docks and other on-site hot splicing in conveyor industry. According to the technical data provided by this belt splicing machine, the correct vulcanization and bonding can be carried out. The strength of the finished joint can reach more than 90% of the original belt. Not only the joint is smooth, it is almost the same as the original belt, and it can reduce the wear on the drum and extend the service life of conveyor and rubber belts.

Our belt splicing machine is ideally for splicing & repairing the EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, conveyor belt and Steel cord belt, etc.

Belt splicing machine structure

The vulcanizer is composed of the following parts.

1. Cross beam;

2. Clamps;

3. Iron plates for cushion;

4. Screw;

5. Nut;

6. Gasket;

7. High-pressure soft pipe;

8. Pressure-testing pump;

9. Heat-insulation plate;

10. Upper heating plates;

11. Secondary cable;

12. Electric control box;

13. Primary cable;

14. Down heating plates;

15. Hydraulic plates (please find Fig1 in detail)


Hot splicing is usually done on site, by connecting the two ends of the belt by vulcanisation at the time of installation. This process uses extreme heat and pressure to bond the two ends together. Once the materials have cooled down, a smooth and seamless long-lasting splice is the result. We provide this process both on and off site by using our mobile vulcanising press. In short, we make every effort to make your splice joints as strong and as durable as possible. This is a regular part of our service!

DLCBV conveyor belt splicing machine, adopts the chip type electric heating element to warm up, it works stable, and has a high thermal efficiency and well-distributed temperature. The belt splicing machine usually equipped with a portable electrical control cabinet, the key electrical components of Arphu control box are imported from Japan Panasonic, German Siemens & Schneider to ensure that the machine can work reliably and stably, so the whole splicing process is safe and reliable. The pressure system is supplied with 0-2MPa uniform pressure. It is easy to operate. It is prevalent to use conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment to make joints and repair of various conveyor belts in metallurgy, mining, cement, power plants, ports, building materials, chemical industries etc.

Technical parameter

1. Vulcanization pressure: 1.0-2.0 MPa;

2. Vulcanization temperature: 145°C;

3. Difference in surface temperature of vulcanized plate: ± 5°C;

4. Heating up time ( at normal temperature to 145°C )<30 minutes;

5. Voltage: 220V/ 380V/415V/440V/480V/550V/660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases;

6. Temperature adjustment range: 0 to 199°C;

7. Timer adjustment range: 0 to 99 minutes.


Maintenance of belt splicing machine

Before operating the belt splicing machine, the insulation resistance of heating plates should be checked. If it is too low, the heating plates should be dried by energized until the insulation value is up 50mΩ to meet the operation requirement.

During the operation or transportation, the equipments should be handled lightly.

If carry the field operation task, the waterproof methods should be prepared in advance to avoid the equipments being spoiled.

After usage of the vulcanizer, it should be kept in the storehouse under the condition of less than 85% of relative humidity, and keep air circulation to avoid the erosion by rain or snow. Put the sleepers under the vulcanizer to avoid laying it on the ground directly, which is forbidden.

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