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Vulcanizing Machine Operation Process
Nov 29, 2018

1. Before the experiment, check whether the required scale is reached in the fuel tank, then turn on the machine to check whether the components are working properly and whether the column (frame plate) is lubricated.

2. Pay attention to the hot plate temperature during preheating. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be adjusted under the guidance of the instructor. It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily move.

3. When placing the mold between the hot plates, prevent burns or crushing accidents. Do not put the mold into the mold when the hot plate rises.

4. After the mold is loaded, the middle of the plate should be placed, and the person should stand in the center of the console. When the required pressure is reached after closing the mold, the motor is turned off. If the requirements are not met, please adjust it by the instructor.

5, take the mold to use iron hooks to prevent crushing hands. When the mold is opened, the mold sticks to the product, and the mold is knocked on the mold to prevent the mold from falling or scratching the foot.

6. If the machine fails, the power must be cut off immediately and reported to the teacher. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the parts. The mold is crushed and it is strictly forbidden to handle it.

7. After the experiment is finished, cut off the power supply, clean it, and fill in the usage record after the instructor checks it.