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Vulcanized Weld Seam Leakage
Nov 29, 2018

During the long-term operation of the vulcanizer, due to vibration, wear, pressure, temperature and repeated disassembly and assembly, the oil leakage phenomenon of the static sealing parts of the joint surfaces is very common, and the common welds of the hot plate of the vulcanizer are leaking. It not only causes a lot of waste of oil, but also affects the on-site management of the enterprise. Traditional treatment methods After disassembling and opening the vulcanizer, replacing the gasket or applying the sealant is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and leakage will occur again during operation. The use of Mejiahua technology to treat leakage on site, without disassembly, has excellent adhesion, oil resistance and 350% stretch, not only can stop the leak, seal, but also can be online without affecting the production. Governing the leaking parts to achieve the purpose of resealing, and the economic benefits are remarkable.