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Structural Features Of Hydraulic Vulcanizer
Nov 29, 2018

1. The body is fixed frame type, compact in structure, good in rigidity, and small in deformation under the action of large clamping force, which is beneficial to tire life and tire quality. Although the hydraulic vulcanizer is also a dual-cavity, from the perspective of force, only two single-mode vulcanizers are connected together. Under the clamping force, the micro-deformation of the frame is symmetric with the center line of the mold;

2, Each action is fast and stable, greatly reducing the auxiliary time of the vulcanizer;

3, The machine has high precision, greatly improving the accuracy of tire setting. When the mold is opened and closed, the upper mold part is only vertically moved up and down, which can maintain high alignment accuracy and repeatability; on the other hand, it is advantageous to maintain the accuracy of the active mold;

4, The upper and lower clamping force is evenly applied, not affected by the working temperature;

5, The left and right racks of the machine can be equipped with a set of control systems, which can be controlled separately and work independently.