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Problems With Mechanical Vulcanizers
Nov 29, 2018

Due to the structure of the mechanical vulcanizer itself, the mechanical vulcanizer has the following problems:

1. The moving pair on the main force-receiving parts such as connecting rod and crank gear is a sliding bearing composed of copper sleeve, which is easy to wear and has great influence on precision;

2. The clamping force of the upper and lower dies is not uniform. For the dual-mode tire sizing vulcanizer, the forces on both sides are greater than the forces on the inner sides;

3. The parallelism and coaxiality of the upper and lower hot plates, the roundness of the manipulator jaws and the coaxiality of the inner hole of the lower hot plate are low, especially the repeatability is low;

The clamping force is determined by the amount of elastic deformation of each force-carrying member when the crank pin reaches the bottom dead center, and the temperature change causes the size of the force-receiving member to change, and the clamping force also changes, so the temperature fluctuation during the production process will Causes fluctuations in clamping force.