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Introduction Of The Performance Of The Vulcanizer
Nov 29, 2018

1, PLC, HMI control, can achieve manual and automatic control. The automatic control can realize the functions of clamping, exhausting, temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarm, mold unloading, etc; the touch screen displays the temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate in real time.

2. The hydraulic cylinder adopts ZG270-500 material, the plunger is made of hard-hardened alloy cast iron with fine texture, and is refined after casting; the sealing form of hydraulic cylinder is YX type sealing ring.

3. The hot plate top adopts the hydraulic automatic top iron. Under the action of the four oil cylinders, the horns on both sides of the hot plate advance and retreat at the same time; the ends of the hot plate are provided with anti-horn overlapping devices.

4. Each heating zone of the hot plate is provided with a set of temperature-regulating valve groups. Under the control of the PLC, the temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate is ensured to be uniform.