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Vulcanizer electrical workpiece principle
Nov 29, 2018

After the power is turned on, press the start button QA, the contactor KA2, the intermediate relays KA1, KA2 to pull in, the motor runs, drive the oil pump to work, close the mold, or use the YXC150 magnetic assisted electric contact pressure gauge to control the working pressure and reach the setting. After the pressure, the KA3 is turned on, the operation is stopped, and the time relay starts counting. The pressure drops due to the flow of the rubber in the mold after heating and pressurizing. After reaching the pressure compensation point, it automatically turns on the KA2 to perform the pressure-compensating heating part, and turns on the heating knob to control the temperature of the heating plate, and the control instrument enters the working state. After rising to the set temperature, the temperature is automatically adjusted.