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Realistic application of vulcanizing machine
Nov 29, 2018

Vulcanizing machine is a multi-purpose, high-efficiency, high-output ratio fast-rich basic equipment. It is economical and durable. It has a wide range of functions, covering almost all industries, such as aerospace, scientific research, military and other high-tech. Industry; civil industry, automotive, home appliances, communications, transportation, logistics, etc.; the product areas involved are more extensive, natural rubber, reclaimed rubber and other rubber products, various plastic products, a variety of compression molded products Accurate product classification: rubber and plastic products, oil seals, polyurethane products, nano material products, carbon fiber composite products, resin grinding wheel products, synthetic stone products, synthetic copper products, floral products and other products, Compression molded products.


, PLC touch screen control, can achieve manual and automatic control; can achieve automatic mold clamping, automatic exhaust, automatic pressure, automatic temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarm prompts, automatic launch, automatic mold opening and other functions.

2. The hydraulic cylinder is integrally casted with QT500-7 material. The plunger is made of chilled hard alloy cast iron with fine texture and refined after casting. The hydraulic cylinder seal adopts Y-type seal ring.

3, hydraulic system: the use of well-known brands of hydraulic stations at home and abroad, under the control of PLC, can achieve automatic, mold clamping, exhaust, mold and many other automatic functions.