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Press heating system
Nov 29, 2018

The heating system is composed of a steel heating plate, a heating pipe and a heat insulating layer. The heating plate is divided into two upper and lower parts, which are respectively fixedly connected with the press base and the pressing row, and are easy to disassemble and disassemble. The heating plate is made of high quality 45# steel quenching and tempering treatment. Place an electric heating tube and thermocouple in the heating plate. The thermocouple is securely fastened and easy to disassemble. Technical parameters of the heating plate: plane size 3050×650 mm2; flatness 0.2 mm; measuring point arrangement: 3 points on the upper plate; 6 points on the lower plate. The outer casing of the heating pipe is made of stainless steel and has a working voltage of 220V. Single-sided outlets, the number is a multiple of 3. The electric heating tube is convenient and reliable to replace. There are protective devices at the wiring. The insulation layer is arranged between the heating plate and the base (or the pressure row), and the insulation side plate is arranged around the heating plate. The material should be made of a material with good heat insulation performance, and the plane size is equivalent to that of the heating plate, and the thickness is not less than 20 mm.