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Installation notes for the tape vulcanizer
Nov 29, 2018

1. Before the installation of the combing machine, the main parts (such as electric heating plates, pressure devices, racks, etc.) are evenly separated and separated, and the vulcanizer is temporarily transported to the site for temporary installation. Before installation, on the belt conveyor installation line, disassemble the upper rollers and set up a working platform in the form shown in Figure 2. If it is glued in the field, use a canvas to build a temporary rainproof shed around the work platform.

2, Each separate separation of the parts, is also a frequent moving parts. Generally, the heaviest parts can be handled by two people, so it is convenient to install and disassemble. Install the vulcanizer tool, the tool for processing the tape joint, the power supply lead, etc., and confirm that the glued village material (such as cover rubber, core glue and glue) is within the validity period, the manufacturer and the date of manufacture.

3. Before installation, find a more spacious place on the installation of the tape conveyor. In this place, not only the indefinite operating area and space, but also the placement of the tape and the power wiring are convenient.