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Belt vulcanizer hot vulcanization process
Nov 29, 2018

(1) The center line is drawn on the belt belt body on both sides of the belt vulcanizer, and the cutting line is drawn according to the angle size. Based on the cutting line, each processing line is drawn, and the cover layer is cut at 45° with a knife, and the depth should be such that the steel layer is reached.

(2) After the step is processed, the wire rope is peeled off with a cutter, and then the wire is polished with a L1202 angle grinder and a tungsten steel grinding disc.

(3) The steel wire rope and the step are cleaned deeply with a cleaning agent. After cleaning, the hot vulcanized rubber is brushed and fully dried, and the hot vulcanized rubber is applied again.

(4) Laying the lower vulcanizer clamping beam, water pressure bag, heat insulation board, heating plate. After that, lay down the layer of unvulcanized topping rubber, unvulcanized core rubber, and determine the position of the joints on both sides and fix according to the actual size.

(5) Route the wire rope from the center to the sides. After the end, confirm that the center lines of the belts on both sides are consistent. Lay the unvulcanized core rubber, unvulcanized top rubber, upper heating plate, heat insulation board, clamping beam, horn on both sides of the conveyor belt, and tighten the clamping bolts.

(6) Connect the water pressure pipe and power cord. After the preparation is continued, after the water pressure rises to the specified value, the power is turned on for vulcanization.