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Analysis of the problem of vulcanizer wear
Nov 29, 2018

The conveyor vulcanizing machine is made of metal and has high hardness. It is subjected to vibration shock and other compounding forces during production and operation, resulting in gaps between the components and causing wear.

The traditional repair methods include surfacing, thermal spraying, brushing, etc., but these methods have certain drawbacks: surfacing will cause the surface temperature of the parts to be too high, causing deformation or cracking of the parts, affecting dimensional accuracy and normal use. In severe cases, it will lead to breakage; although the brush crossing has no heat effect, the thickness of the crossing layer should not be too thick, the pollution is serious, and the application is also greatly limited.

At present, Western countries have applied the polymer composite method to the above problems, and the comprehensive performance and the mechanical processing characteristics at any time can meet the requirements and accuracy after repair, and can also reduce the shock vibration of the equipment during operation. ,Extended service life. Because the material is a "variable" relationship, when the external force impacts the material, the material will deform and absorb the external force, and will expand and contract with the expansion or contraction of the bearing or other components, and always maintain a tight fit with the component to reduce the chance of wear.